"Vision without action is merely a dream.   Action without vision just passes the time.  Vision with action can change the world."   Joel Barker
"What God allows us to see with our eyes, He expects us to become a part of the solution."  Gary Jamar

Unclean water is the leading cause of death to children 5 years and under.  Water borne disease claims the life of a child 5 and under every 21 seconds in Sub-Sahara Africa of which Malawi is a part of.  What can we do?
MOMS began a 30 water well project of 2014 in July.  As of the end of August 17 of 30 wells have been completed.  When this project is complete up to 7000 people will have a source of clean water.  

At MOMS these are the critical needs:  
#1  Clean water:  26 water wells drilled to date/Aug. 15, 2014
#2 Feeding/Nutrition:  400 meals served daily in 2 locations
#3 Shelter/Medical needs  #4 Education:  2 Care Cottages currently providing shelter & care for 25 orphans at the Care Village located in the Chikombe area on  Lake Malawi.  Medical care beings provided at care village; Mobile clinics scheduled to care for children & adults on care village site.  A new restroom/shower area is the next scheduled construction at the MOMS care village.  
#4  Education:  After school tutoring by a local elementary teacher has enabled 25 orphans to excel in school.
These life giving ministries are only made possible by the gifts offered
to Malawi Orphan Ministries by people like you.  Thanks for you gifts and prayers for the Remedy of Jesus Christ is reality in these areas of Malawi.

Check out Malawi Orphan Ministries on Google earth…you can actually see care cottages, etc.

Water 4 and Malawi Orphan Ministries is teaming up…
A Water Well Project of 30 water wells that will bring potable, clean drinking water to approximately  7500 men, women, and children;  MOMS drilling teams will be utilized to systematically drill water wells throughout 50-60 villages or households (10 households of 10 or more family members); the estimated cost is $36,000-$45,000 USD or $4.80-$6.00 USD per person.  Individual villages will be asked to make a financial contribution toward the water well. Funds from villagers will be minimum, but it will give them ownership in the water well.
Sanitation training will also be provided to villagers, and a village water well team will be trained in routine maintenance and care of water wells.
All wells are drilled manually with a 7" and 5" auger.  PVC is utilized for casing, a PVC pump is utilized, and 27/8" PVC connecting pump to surface hand pump.  
This project is vital when you stop and think about this statistic:  One child 5 years of age or younger dies every 21 seconds in Sub-Sahara Africa.
Malawi is one of these Sub-Sahara countries that is losing too many of its children to preventable water borne diseases.  Pray for this project to become reality, and if you can help bring Living Water to people in such great need.
Individual well cost will run between 1400-1600 USD depending on depth, problems incurred, and transportation cost.  

Water 4 representatives will train local pastors during actual drilling of water well on MOMS property in Chikombe.
Representatives from Water4 located in OKC, OK, will be part of a water well drilling training event in village of Chikombe.  This will begin a project of drilling 50 water wells through the Senga Bay District.  A well is also planned for the Baptist Medical Clinic in Senga Bay, and two wells in village of Ngodzi.  Dates are set for September 24-29 for training event.  Please Pray...clean water is rare in Malawi.  A representative from Apples for Africa will also travel with the MOMS team to plant apple tree seedlings and train overseers in care for trees.  Pray that trees arrive on time....must be delivered 4-5 weeks after shipping.  Trees are dormant and shipped in a sawdust mixture providing nutrition.  Apples can be eaten, sold, or traded.  More posts as event draws nearer.  Pray for travel plans, and team of 6 who will head up these causes.  Did I fail to say, that sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ is on-going in everything we do here and in Malawi. 
Sawyer SP 180 Water Filters in use in Ngodzi feeding site, and in village of Chikombe...All possible by a group of belivers in Hot Springs, Arkansas
Mission volunteers from FBC Hobart, OK, delivered 4 water filters to a feeding site they sponsor in Ngodzi, Malawi....no more water borne disease, no more bacteria, but now Living Water.  36 other filters have been delivered to Lake Malawi village of Chikombe...training given in use and backwashing filter done...filters offer clean water to groups of 4-6 family groups.  One filter will deliver 500 gallons of clean water in a 24 hour period.  You can provide even more filters at a cost of $48 USD. 
Recent Pics from MOMS feeding sites in Namsambe and Cholo (Thyolo)
Pictures sent by Pastor Fletcher Kaiya, MOMS trustee in Blantyre, Malawi, taken in late May 2012 (also posted on Gary Jamar Facebook)
Fresh Pictures from Chikombe, May 2012
Pictures via Titu Chirwa; MOMS infirmary/Admin. Building in background; some of the children being fed daily on Lake Malawi Care Cottage property in the village of Chikombe, Malawi. A mission group will be here drilling a water well and prayerfully building 4 care cottages during September 2012.  Sawyer SP 180 Water Filters are now being distributed in Chikombe. Our water well drilling kit which is being purchased from Water4Foundation is $5000 USD.  We still need 2300 USD to purchase the kit by July; it will be shipped in mid-July 2012 so as to arrive before the mission team.
Some of the smaller children of Chikombe
Some of the larger children....
Children gathered beneath shade of God's Hand....
Pictured in stripped shirt is Group Village Headman Lingston Kapindira; Pastor Akim Chirwas (right); and a village chief (left).  Lingson is overseer of 36 villages/chiefs in the Senga Bay District of Malawi.  They are holding the Sawyer SP 180 water filter, one of 40 provided by a small group in Hot Springs, AR.
Feeding Site in Chikombe: During April 2012 MOMS began a feeding site on the Lake Property in the village of Chikombe; 180 children were fed on the first day; 150 orphaned children will take part in the daily lunches; MOMS reps are also working on a program to feed pre-schoolers breakfast during the week days.  A pre-school is scheduled to begin during the first week of May, 2012.  Local village women have volunteered to teach English, etc. to pre-schoolers.  Local people are truly taking ownership in the MOMS and BACOMA project on the Lake Malawi prrperty.
A few of the children who benefit from the MOMS feeding program.
Water Well Projects to begin in September 2012:
MOMS in conjunction with Water4 Foundation will begin drilling water wells in the Senga Bay District of Malawi, Africa, in September of 2012; A group of up to 20 local pastors will be trained during the first well to be drilling on the MOMS property in Chikomge; Local traditional authorties will also be involved in the water well projects.  Training will be provided by a Water4 Foundation representative.  Efforts are currently underway to raise the purchase price of a Water4 Drilling Kit, $5000 USD; a group of 4th grade classes from an elementary school in Moore, OK has raised over $500 to date; a group of Baptist Women from FBC Stonewall, OK have raised an additional $1080.  A mission team is also being put together for this project; dates are September 17-Oct. 3, 2012.  Email